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You will find the owner personally involved in every project. More importantly, you will enjoy the experience of professionals that really know what they are doing. Our staff has over 27 years of combined journeyman level experience.  If you want your job done properly, without experiencing the headaches or hassles that so many people go through with other contractors, then hire us. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured (liability and workers compensation).

You may be thinking a contractor is a contractor as long as he is licensed, bonded and insured they’re all the same, right? Wrong! Terry Jenkins is a rare breed of contractor; The kind of contractor that can think outside the box and and make your dream or idea a reality.

This unique bed is complete with wheels and tires, drop the tailgate for hidden storage.


sneak peak

This is a sneak peak at a bar we made for a friend who is the manager of Chico IN-N-OUT Pete Anderson. For more info see In-N-Out in the remodeling menu above or click this image.

We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau!

 State Contractor License #506766

We Proudly Offer:

  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Tile, Glass, Screens, Phones
  • Concrete, Masonry
  • Welding, Fencing
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Shower Doors


What to look for in Good Home Contractors

Finding a good contractor can be a very overwhelming task. However, some must haves are necessary ensure a remodeler, handyman or contractor will do a good job. Here are three things you should watch out for when hiring a contractor to take care of your home improvements:

Find a remodeling contractor with the right experience

Experience plays a very big role when hiring a Home Improvement Contractor. Every contractor learns on the job and gets better as time goes on, however you do not want to entrust your home to someone who is still learning. A contractor who has both residential and commercial construction experience would be preferable. When interviewing contractors you should ask how long they have been in business, types of projects they have done and the insurance coverage’s they carry as well as license and association memberships they have. This would give you a good picture of their past experience and how it can be applied to this particular project.

Quality Remodeling Contractors deliver quality service

Chances are any contractor who cannot deliver quality customer service will not be able to complete your project satisfactorily. These two go hand in hand and no matter how much technical ability a contractor may have, it doesn’t mean anything if they are not available to answer clients questions. A good contractor will also take the time out to listen to the client and find out what they are looking for as well as suggest alternatives that would fit your budget. A good way to determine if a contractor will deliver on this is to ask the contractor for screened references and get an opinion from them on how the contractor conducts his business.

Home Remodeling Contractors that can think out of the box

Anyone can use a hammer. A skillful contractor can take your home improvement project from just another room in the house to an artful addition for your home. You want to hire a general contractor who can contribute creatively and has the ability to put all the pieces together in their mind before any work has started. They would also be able to suggest creative approaches to make the aesthetics of the project better. When interviewing contractors ask for examples of their work.

Home Contractor for your new home

Complete Home Repair can transform your standard living room and dining room into an elegant theater of entertaining. Upgrade your tiling, flooring and carpeting or enhance your living spaces with dramatic lighting and painting. Increase energy efficiency with a new solar water heater, double pane windows, insulated exterior doors, or attic, roofing and basement insulation. Are you looking for more room in your house? Suggestions include attic or basement build-outs, closet build-outs, appliance housing, enclosing the carport, turning a porch into a sunroom, or moving walls to create room expansion. We can also build new additions. We ensure your additions are built on a good foundation.


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